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Discover Stardust Black Dreamcatchers

Starlight on iridescent wings –
drifting gently o’er the ocean
of subconscious memory –
carrying the mystery of dreams.


This is all the information you need to order your very own, individualized dreamcatcher. Prices start with the cost of a basic hoop (calculated by size), webbing, and cords with feathers. Commissioners will choose the desired size and then decide how much they wish to spend. An additional $5 would give you some pretty beadwork for sparkle. An additional $10 would give you more elaborate beading and decors such as sparkly thread or filament with beads entwining the hoop or cords. Or, you may have a small cluster of flowers or shells. I will work to your budget, striving to give you something unique and beautiful to bring you the sweetest dreams.

Once a size, theme, and price are indicated, I will come up with a concept for you to consider. After everything is settled, I will keep you up to date on the progress of the piece, including pictures unless you prefer to be surprised. ^_^

Shipping cost will depend on the size of the dreamcatcher, and all shipments will include insurance. Half the total cost will need to be paid up front. This is non-refundable. I have unfortunately had an incident or two where people placed orders then left me hanging after the product was finished. 

Payments will be made through PayPal.

Base Pricelist (includes wrapped hoop, cords, and feathers):

< 3 inches – $5

3 inch – $10

4 inch – $15

5 inch – $20

6 inch – $25

7 inch – $30

9 inch – $40

10 inch – $50

12 inch – $60

12+ inch – $75

Samples of my past work can be found here

I will be adding pre-made dreamcatchers and other items for sale, so stop back and see us soon! 

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