Who am I?

My name is Kyira Starborne. It is a pleasure to meet you. Let me tell you just a little bit about myself. To start, I have made some terrible choices in my life, trusted the wrong people on more than one occasion, and suffer more mood swings in a day than most people go through in a month. I am socially awkward, insecure, and genuinely believed that my Public Speaking course was going to be the death of me, even though it was an online class.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I will also tell you that I love to write, to read, to cook/bake, to travel and take pictures; I love Japanese anime and manga, Harry Potter, and collecting things (like Asian ball joint dolls and seashells). I’m a night owl in love with the stars, and I’ve been known to weave a spell or two. I have a BA in Creative Writing English and an MFA in Fiction Writing. My world is the realm of stardust and dreams, and I welcome you.

What is Stardust Black? (Mission Statement and Stuff)

Stardust Black is the color of possibility. Of dreams. It is the shimmer of light in the darkest of skies. Dedicated to the dreamers of the world, the purpose of Stardust Black is to explore, to experience, to create, and most of all to inspire.  It is a celebration of life and everything it has to offer.

Stardust Black will unfold as a kaleidoscope of ideas, from the mundane to the fantastical. After spending years coping with the complete breakdown of my entire world and the depression that ensued in the wake of those events, I decided to make some changes. The biggest change that I made was deciding to live life for the Experience. What this meant to me was embracing my life and everything it had to offer, no matter how small. I began post-crossing, found some amazing friends from around the world, started photographing everything, and grabbed every opportunity that crossed my path. New foods. New places. New people. I devoured every bit, and then one day, I decided that I wanted to share it with others. My hope was that maybe one person somewhere in the world might feel inspired by what I had to say and seek out their own adventures…

This and That – 10 Facts About the Author Behind Stardust Black

1. I pop up in the Artist Alley at the occasional anime convention.

Stardust Black.png

2. I’m writing a book series…along with a few other projects. Artwork by: http://tsukiy0.deviantart.com/


3. I’m a Ravenclaw!


4. I’m a part of the Asian ball joint doll community. I love bringing my characters to life!


5. I have a fascination with gemstones and minerals.


6. I have a rock that I found at Livermore Cemetery, which was involved in the filming of Night of the Living Dead. lol


7. My favorite animals are foxes and wolves. (Yes, I know he’s actually a husky. lol)


8. I love rain. I love thunderstorms more. If they happen at night, I am in heaven.


9. Sparkly things distract me… actually sparkly, glittery, glowing, colorful, or shiny things… Yes, I am easily distracted.


10. …

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