Artist Spotlight: Sarah Meadows

It has been my good fortune over the years to run in circles that allowed me to meet many talented people, such diverse and beautiful creators. These people were a large part of the inspiration behind Castle in the Sky. My desire to share their work helped hone the focus of this blog. It felt important to build a place where I could introduce all of these amazing people while covering conventions, indulging my anime fixation, and generally having a blast with my readers.

As part of the “Grand Opening” of Castle in the Sky, I wanted to aim the spotlight for a time on a dear friend of mine who also happens to be a talented artist. May I present -drum roll- Sarah Meadows! While Ms. Meadows is most well-known for her work in the Sailor Moon fandom, she has much to offer in other fictional realms including (but not limited to) Zelda, Ranma, and Stephen Universe. She also has inspired original art. The true extent of her diversity can be seen firsthand in her commissions if you check out her DeviantArt gallery (link at the end of the interview!) (And, yes, she does commissions! ❤ )


How long have you been drawing?

Since I was seven years old. I know this specifically because the first thing I learned to actively draw was Yoshi off of the SNES booklet that came with Mario World. So 27 years now? Yikes. (Awww! I bet the result was absolutely adorable! <3)

Please, tell us a bit about how you got started.

It’s a silly answer…but when I was in Kindergarten I remember washing my hands at the classroom sink and over it was a diagram of a rainbow with each of the colors “red orange yellow green blue purple” labeled appropriately. I don’t know what clicked that day but I became fascinated with color and couldn’t wait to learn more. School supply aisles always filled me with joy seeing all the possibilities in color. (Not silly at all. You’re just proof that there is magic in rainbows.)

What are your top three most inspiring sources of inspiration?

Manga and anime (Primarily classic 80s to 90s golden era) took my soul, but Disney movies growing up definitely made me want to think about drawing cartoons and possibly animating. I’ll get back with you on the animating haha (I think we will all agree that you should DO THE THING!)

What works best for you when you need to take a wrecking ball to an “ART BLOCK”?

Normally my life is a funk when I’m experiencing my worst art blocks. Getting back on track with routine or taking a week off to just veg and play some video games helps me “defragment” so to speak. Things like Pinterest and Tumblr help when I just don’t know WHAT to draw but the urge is there.  (Both great suggestions. Taking a break is widely overlooked when it comes to creating.)

Is there a particular medium that you would like to explore in the future? (watercolor, oils, charcoal pencils, etc.)

I wish I was brave enough for colored pencils and Copic pens. But then there’s no edit>undo and that cuts at my confidence sometimes. But I do wish to play around and make pieces that way. I’d love to sell pieces at conventions like this. Feels more personal than digital for some reason… (Can we get a vote on how many of you would love to see her work at your local convention?)

Do you have any advice for budding artists?

Draw draw draw. It’s 90% practice and 10% talent and artistic eye. If you look at an older piece and cringe don’t get discouraged. That’s pure proof of improvement that you can find ways to make your piece better. Revisit old ideas and see how much you’ve grown! If you’re young and still in school take all the art classes you can. You may know a lot of what is being discussed but there’s no bigger value than practicing these techniques and sharing them with your peers. You can always learn something new. (Take notes, everyone! This is good stuff here! Take it to heart. <3)


Random Questions

What’s your sign? (Because, you know, astrology intrigues me. Lol I always feel like such a creeper asking this. >__<)

My birthday is June 19th so I run smack between a Gemini and Cancer. Some days I feel more like one than the other. But anytime I read stuff on either sign they nail me dead on. (Another water (and air lol) baby. I’m going to start keeping track of everyone’s signs. lol)

If you had to paint your world in only three colors, what would they be?

I tend to like soft and sweet colors. Like early sunrises or sunsets. But at the same time, I love the filtering of lights through the trees. So shades of green as well! It’s tough to narrow it down much further than that. Green inspires me. Soft pinks blues and purples soothe me. (Does anyone else think she should do a picture with this theme? It would be gorgeous!)

A magic door appears before you. When you open it, what’s on the other side? (Absolutely anything or anywhere you can dream up…)

Endless possibility. All your hard earned work has finally brought me to a place that brings me peace and joy. Also a sense of accomplishment. That’s what I’d wish to see on the other side. That magic door is effort and motivation. And I intend to use it!  (Oh! I think this would be perfect. Want some company? ^_^)

You’re having afternoon tea in a magical garden. You can invite anyone alive, dead, or fictional. Who’s on the guest list?

This is gonna sound cheesy, but I would love to have tea with girls like the Sailor Senshi. I learned that Naoko created her girls in the image of what kind of friends she’d love in her life. I think I would be much the same. You’re more than welcome to join.  (Aw! What do you say, guys?)

Name three songs that would be included on the soundtrack of your life.

Oh gosh, this one is tough. “No Roots” by Alice Merton explains my philosophy on life and how I like to live it. Another is a duet by Selina and Lee Hom. It’s called “You’re the Song of my Life” and it pretty much fills my heart with love for the rock in my life Javier. The third is gonna be cheap but the Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon theme song to those who don’t know) because that show is awesome and so many aspects of Sailor Moon entrance me. (I’ll be checking out the first two, and the third… If you don’t know it, you should check it out!)

Do you have any random facts, sage advice, or anecdotes you’d like to share with the readers?

If you come up with a creative idea and find out it’s been done, try not to get discouraged. Go through with it anyway! Instead feel happy that ideas that come naturally to you are also things the greats have thought of and you’re on the right track! (Another valuable bit of insight that any creative soul should keep in mind. No one can do the thing quite like YOU!)

What else can I say? The art speaks for itself. Here is just a sampling of the artist’s work. Links to her social media and art sites follow the gallery. Stop in and show her some love!

You can find Ms. Meadows and her lovely art @

Art Station




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