Beetle House

Anyone who knows me would totally get why I was super excited to hear that a Tim Burton themed restaurant opened in New York City in April of 2016. To my great fortune, I already had a trip to NYC scheduled for August. I would have loved to be there on opening night but reluctantly accepted that I had to wait. (Checking out this place wasn’t optional.)

While the restaurant was smaller than I imagined, its theme seeped into every crevice of the space. The décor included a variety of eye-catching pieces, such as a collection of donated fan work and (exciting!) one of only three existing tombstones that were used in the making of the 1988 movie Beetlejuice. Add this to the atmospheric lighting, and you have the perfect spot to spend an evening.



A matter of life and death. lol
How does one choose?


Choosing a drink was a complicated task, and if I wasn’t such a lightweight, I would have opted for several selections. Unfortunately, there could be only one, and the winner was the Chocolate Chocolate martini. Pure decadence with vanilla vodka, Dorda chocolate liqueur, cream, and creme de cocoa, garnished with a chocolate candy bar. The flavor reminded me of hot chocolate with a kick. If you love chocolate, you’ll want to try it. (My dinner companion ordered the Alice’s cup o’tea, and I stole a little sip. Tastes just like peach tea. Delish!)


The food proved easier to narrow down simply for the fact that the Cheshire Mac existed. It was mine long before I walked in the door. Wanting to try a bit more from the menu, I opted to order the Cheshire Mac as a side along with the Sweeney beef. (substituting a salad for the garlic whipped potatoes that came with it). No regrets were had. I’m not much of steak person in general, but this piece of beef, done medium rare, melted on my tongue. That’s not a phrase I ever imagined that I would actually use, but it fits the occasion. I can’t think of a better way to describe the taste. The side salad combined a complex mesh of flavors and textures that complimented one another well, and the Cheshire Mac may have been the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.


Juicy, tender steak. Creamy mac and cheese with a hint of sweetness from the stewed tomatoes. The subtle tang of the salad dressing. Nothing that I tasted at the Beetle House disappointed. The meal was on my mind the whole way home from New York.

If great theme, atmosphere, and mouth-watering fare aren’t enough to entice, I just want to point out the staff. They were attentive and friendly, answering questions and offering all sorts of fun information about the restaurant. As someone with social anxiety, this made a huge impact and adds another facet to my desire to return. (As if I needed any more reason, but honestly, these people were amazing.)


So, to anyone who lives in New York City or has plans to visit, I highly recommend making reservations at the Beetle House. Check it out. Taste the food. Have a drink. Tell your friends. I’m already plotting another trip to New York City so I can go back again. Hope to see you there!

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