The Color of Possibility

Beyond this point lies the gateway to the

Ascension Universe

Where the impossible becomes possible


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The portals below will transport you to realities beyond your own. Spanning aeons of time and unveiling hidden pockets of space, you will discover new species, foreign tongues, and an array of characters: both dark and light. What threads connect their destinies? Find out as you explore the worlds of the Ascension Universe.

Ascension Universe Database

 Explore the Ascension Universe. Book information, character profiles, world maps, and much more lies within the database.

~Let us whisper of visions and dreams
and endless nights beneath the stars
where no mortal eyes may see.
Come, take my hand and wander
that forbidden path of stardust and ecstasy,
and I’ll show you worlds that are yet unknown.~

Copyright ©2004-20 K.T. Starborne

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